TikTok Will Soon Launch A ‘Clear Mode’ Feature That Allows Users To Share Screenshots Of Favorite Clips With Ease

Popular video platform TikTok is experimenting with a new feature that enables users to share their favorite screenshots with ease.

The new functionality is titled ‘clear mode’ and it enables users to go through different types of content through the app much more conveniently, without having to face elements such as captions, audio information, as well as usernames that get cluttered over the screen.

The famous ‘clear mode’ was initially seen by Matt Navarra, an app researcher. On the other hand, the company provided a confirmation to TechCrunch too where it confirmed that it was in the midst of testing out a new feature by Tuesday.

Many are looking at the new update as a unique way by which the platform can serve to eliminate distractions for a better viewing experience for its users. However, there are yet to be any major details released on when we could be expecting this particular feature to be rolled out in a more widely appreciated manner.

As you can imagine, it must be worth noting that TikTok could potentially put a halt against further implementation of this feature, provided on facts and figures that the firm compiles from all of its active users.

For those users that have enrolled their participation in the test, the Clear Mode could be accessed by long-pressing a video and then clicking on the option that they find most appropriate.

As notably pointed out by TechCrunch recently, the feature, whenever implemented, could actually go about making the lives of so many video creators simpler because they wouldn’t have to bother with uploading clips again and again that other viewers would like to take a screengrab of.

On a more routine basis, it’s not uncommon to find crop comments being added by viewers on a certain video due to the mere fact that a particular caption or even perhaps the button has hidden the video’s part that they’d like to pass on to others.

We’ve seen TikTok testing a series of features like these that many people call life-changing. They’ve been taking place on a more usual basis in the last couple of months. Let’s not forget the good old watch history functionality that enables users to rediscover videos that they may have forgotten to like previously but would like to do so now.

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