TikTok Is Mending Ways To Get Back Into India As Company Explores More Partnership Opportunities

A new report coming from the Economic Times has shed light on how TikTok is trying its best to explore different opportunities for partnerships with Mumbai and its developer group called Hiranandani.

For those who might not be aware, India placed a ban on TikTok and around 60 different apps hailing from China in 2020 and since then, there have been numerous outcries by social media users for reconciliation and return of TikTok.

Despite two years passing, the cybersecurity issues are plenty and there is still yet to be any solution outlined for the app’s return. Moreover, the Indian government still stands by its statements that apps like these are a major threat to the country’s integrity.

The issues are quite similar in nature to those expressed by American lawmakers that tried to remove the apps from the US.

At first, many felt the ban in India would be a temporary affair but by the looks of it, we soon realized that it was a permanent one with no date being given for the return. Moreover, many critics in the country also mentioned how strongly they felt about the app’s parent company not doing enough to respond to various security concerns and reservations that the country provided them with.

During that period, we saw the country’s government mentioning how it would be more than willing to continue a dialogue with ByteDance and a number of other firms. However, TikTok’s parent company didn’t appear to be interested and instead chose to lay off nearly 2000 staff members from the firm after just 7 days of the ban.

But now, there seems to be a small glimmer of hope on the matter as a senior member hailing from the Indian government spoke about how there is yet to be a formal discussion on the subject but they’re looking forward to a meeting as TikTok has kept them in the loop of their plans.

To put it simply, the request will further be examined as revealed by the official but new reports by another official have gone on to reveal how the ban was majorly due to the fact that TikTok was storing data of users in places outside the country and they found that to be unacceptable.

Apps operating in India at the moment can only store data in the country and those that weren’t accustomed to the policy were forced to make amendments that best fit this norm. Hence if we do see any return of TikTok soon, they’ll be required to do the same.

Therefore, it makes great sense why TikTok is making ways for a successful deal by hooking up with the country’s leading developer group called Hiranandani Group.

As mentioned in the ETI, this group is in charge of a data center and overlooking its operations that fall under the Yotta Infrastructure Solutions division. Moreover, early this year, we saw it launch its own technical services division too.

But there is still some major confusion taking place as ByteDance issued a statement recently that mentioned how they’re not having any plans of resuming their operations in the country.

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