TikTok Begins Showing Users New In-App Alerts That Inform Them About Data Collection Policy Changes

TikTok has begun introducing some new changes that are certainly not going unnoticed by various privacy as well as social media experts.

Users hailing from nations like the United Kingdom, Europe, and Switzerland are starting to see some new alerts from the app that inform them about any changes in policies relating to data collection.

Thanks to Matt Navarra, we’re getting more insight regarding how the platform is basically altering the way it projects users’ data through its different ad systems.

Matt says that the new change applies to all those above the age of 18 years and above as they’re now legal to accept. With the new law in place, so many firms like TikTok are liable for processing users’ data with a proper legal explanation.

In the past, the app requested users for their permission but now things are changing in terms of the issuance of personal ads. Moreover, the new update will be applicable from 13 July onwards as the popular video platform plans on relying on accurate interests as the legal basis for TikTok activity.

The news comes as the EU has enforced all leading social media networks to follow their data and privacy protection act. Now, users will obtain personalized ads that are truly based on their app activity.

It’s quite clear as to what TikTok is planning to do here. They’re very keen on adding ads to those that may have unsubscribed from the offer at the start. And that does not come as a huge surprise to most of us because there’s a huge amount of money involved.

Remember, the more the ads, the greater the revenue generated.

The news comes as Twitter tries to battle its ownership matters while Meta is trying hard to convince users that the metaverse is the future. Hence, TikTok is definitely aiming for higher gains which we believe it should. But wait, it’s still not a clear-cut winning situation for TikTok.

We’ve seen the social media giant face its fair share of challenges and that included changes in data and algorithms being used in countries like China. Obviously, the stringent regulations limited TikTok’s profits in the Asian nation as the government started playing an active role in content regulation.

With greater scrutiny came a mega loss of nearly $100 billion and the app’s parent company was left with no choice but to think about sell-offs. Similarly, the app seems to be involved in adopting some more shocking policies that are Chinese based such as expectations of employees and the types of content allowed through the app. They’ve certainly had trouble with their expansion and the results are obvious.

We’re still not too sure about how the new data policy actually functions but with TikTok’s contribution, it makes sense as to why the company is keen on generating more and more cash via the app.

How successful this approach will actually turn out to be, well, only time can tell. But there has been a huge boom in TikTok’s Chinese version of the app called Douyin.

Recently, we saw TikTok unveiling how more than 20 million content creators and hosts of live streams were doing a great job on the Chinese app where e-commerce has really driven plenty of business.

This year, TikTok hopes to generate at least $11.6 billion in terms of revenue for ads but it has no intentions of distributing that forward to its creators. Hence, we wouldn’t be surprised to see so many users go to other more profitable apps like YouTube and even Instagram.

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