The Concern of Brands/Marketers About the Economic Budget of Succeeding Times

The US is going through waves of inflation and major economic storm. Digital marketers are worried about the effects these changes might bring to their business.

A significant number of 85% of marketers who have replied to a survey of Merkle are anxious about the influence of inflation and other macroeconomic factors on their firms this year. It has been seen in the survey that bigger companies are more distressed with the impact of inflation, with 91% of marketers from the firms that earn approximately $500 million per year. However, in those organizations which earn less than $500 million, they are distressed as well but at a lower level.

A flashback to 2008 when a bunch of brands decided to decrease their efforts on advertising and emphasis on margins, whereas some decided to risk accelerating by enlarging their budget up to 10% to 20% during the downfall of the economy. In the era of recession, retailers are expected to minimize their spending. Whereas insurance and other financial service providers might hold their share by spending. The survey also reflects on the decisiveness of creativity like the use of machine learning for efficiency in the content. 45% of the marketers who filled the survey prefer machine learning to advise creativity.

In the previous months, 57% of advertisers paid inquiries year over year, a homogenous tendency around googles shopping and google text ads as well. A perception Mierzejewski contributed has come from the third region report on the performance of media by Merkle (2022). The report captures a deeper look at the performance of media channels and reveals the data on spending on ads, top priorities of the marketers, new obstacles faced by the firms, etc. It also exposes the upcoming opportunities for the performance of media and the chance to provide a more valid understanding to the consumer.

The origin of Merkle's data is from primary research that he conducted through one of his firms, named Ugam in May (2022). The top areas of paid search according to the participants were enhancing the data quality of the product for virtual ads, countering the rising competition and CPCs, maintaining an audience, etc. 64% of marketers emphasize the analytics and measurements more during the past 3 months.

As 55% of the marketers recognize them as highly necessary for their consumer encountering policies. Accurate reporting has been selected as the top two most important things in measurement by 45% of the marketers. On the other hand, data visualization, offline and online connection were each recognized as the top two most vital things for 40% of the marketers.

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