Google Workspace Updates Sharing Interface For More Convenient Online Collaboration

To help its users get on board with simpler and faster online collaboration, Google Workspace is now introducing a new sharing interface. The whole idea is to collaborate various controls that were once looked upon as separate entities into one super easy panel.

All that users need to do is click on Share that’s located at the top right-hand side of the Workspace app page, and that’s it. You’ll be introduced to a series of sharing options that are located in a single interface that’s well defined.

The move is going to be welcomed with open arms as various organizations are now moving from classic storage servers to more options that promote online collaboration. Hence, the whole concept of making the process of working on files a simple and collaborative move is definitely going to be useful.

In the updated interface, ‘people with access’ gets highlighted the most with user accounts getting various rights such as ‘editor’, ‘viewer,’ ‘the owner’, and the ‘commentator’. And as expected, it’s the ‘owner’ who gets the greatest priority for obvious reasons and can be seen at the top of the app’s page.

There are even some unique options that are designed to remove user access or get your account transferred. But for now, we do only know that ownership transfer cannot take place to various business user accounts, and similarly vice versa.

Right below the access options comes a generator for links while there are several editing rights in place for all those individuals that wish to gain access to their files via links. Hence, users at Workspace would also be given the option to allow other firms to glance over their work.

You can access the sheet for sharing by clicking on File in the menu and then pressing on ‘share with others’. Upon Google’s recommendations, users are provided with a new publish option to get their work on the web by again going through the File tab. This way, you can give up to 100 different viewers access to edit your files.

If you happen to be on the search for adding a larger number of viewers, all you need to do is make a Google Site which gives you the chance to embed carious Sheets, Slides, and your Docs in a single place.

And then you can always play with the settings part which disguises some more interesting options like providing more control to editors for changing their permissions for sharing while commenters are given the chance to copy and even download the documents in front of them.

In the past, we only knew about sharing with users with Google accounts and you could get a hold of the link generator that was a few clicks away. And as you can see, the amount of convenience you’re being given here is so much more advanced when compared to previous designs.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sharing with a bigger and more diverse audience is going to be so much simpler.

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