Telegram Rolls Out Its Premium Version After Crossing Over 700 Million Monthly Active Users

In what is being described as the first time in the company’s history, Telegram is now launching a premium version for its platform users. This new version will arise with a number of additional features.

The news comes as the app crosses the 700 million monthly active user mark. Moreover, the popular instant messaging app has been making moves to help monetize a significant portion of its user base.

For now, we’ve got no details on how much the app plans on charging users for the premium version. However, this monthly subscription does seem to be in the price range that arises between the $5 to $6 bracket.

In January of this year, we did hear some rumors of how the app planned on expanding its network after crossing the $500 million monthly active user mark and now it appears that its plans are up and running.

Previously, we heard the company announce how premium users will now get the chance to send much larger files that can go up to 4GB while previously they were restricted to just 2GB. They also hoped it would assist in providing support for bigger downloads.

In the same way, the network stated that all those paying users would also be taking advantage of 1000 channels which was previously limited to just 500 for those who had free subscriptions. Also, those paying would also be given 20 chat folders and each would be carrying nearly 200 chats in them.

Premium tier users could also now be adding 4 accounts on their app and that means pinning up to 10 different chats in one go too.

The new move seems to be a strategical one by the UAE-based firm which is trying its level best to expand and support its continued development through just its user base instead of relying on advertisers to get the job done.

This also appears to be the first time in history that such a huge instant messaging platform that encompasses millions of followers has started rolling out a premium subscription.

In case you didn’t know, so many of the firm’s archrivals like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Google Messages, Signal, and Apple Messages do not offer a premium subscription.

Meanwhile, we recently head of the company’s CEO speak about the launch of the app’s premium version, adding how it was in line with the market’s demand for larger bandwidth and more space for storage.

As Pavel Durov mentioned, one of the main ways through which the app could fulfill the calls for more features was to charge a small fee for it.

A while ago, some analysts hoped and predicted that the company just might start monetizing through the use of blockchain tokens which was the app’s upcoming project. But then we heard in 2020, after many delays, the app would not be moving forward with the idea. Instead, they quietly returned all the funds that had been allotted by investors for the project.

On Sunday, a blog post by the organization mentioned how the news of expanding via a premium subscription was a huge milestone for the organization. They also felt it was the beginning of a much-needed start to its monetization.

In parts of southeast Asia like India, this premium version can go up to $6 for iOS users. But a representative of the app failed to confirm or comment on the news.

Another interesting functionality that will be on offer to premium users is the ability to transform voice messages into text messages, gaining access to a wide array of stickers, emojis, or reactions. Similarly, users would now be allowed to use animated images as their profile pictures too. And the biggest advantage will be an experience that offers no ads in between.

In some parts of the world, messages that are sponsored appear on public channels.

But if you think the free version of the app will be of no use, think again. Durov promises to make the free-of-cost version just as great by working on some more core features to help improve it. This way, those people who are not paying can benefit too.

The app certainly does have plenty to offer and that may be one of the many reasons why so many analysts feel it's getting quite competitive over time, in terms of its growing features.

H/T: Techcrunch
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