Microsoft Edge brings forward a solution for sharing files with the launch of Drop feature

According to the recent reports, the Microsoft Edge browser plans to upgrade its feature to offer its users an easy and quick way to share their files. The latest reports have signaled that the Microsoft Edge web browser is rolling out a new feature, namely Drop. It will enable the users to share their notes, files, and links between other supportive devices. Microsoft assures that this upgrade will resolve the most common cause of the user’s frustration with transferring files from one device to another.

Neowin has noted that Microsoft has presented this latest feature for testing, which can prove to be its new capability. This feature will appear in the website's side panel with other Edge features, like history and collection, under the name drop. It will allow the users to access their files and documents on all devices. However, all these devices should have Microsoft Edge signed in. It is a handy source for the users to save their important content in one place by simply dragging and dropping the file or creating notes side by side by typing a text message.

This feature is a blessing for the people involved in hybrid work professionals. They have to work on multiple devices simultaneously, and accessing files becomes a headache for everyone. This feature provides a mitigating effect on the frustration caused by the inability to transfer files and documents.

However, Microsoft Edge saves files in the one drive or cloud storage that calls for free space in the device’s storage capacity. It highlights a concerning gap in this feature as the low storage capacity has also been a significant issue among users. It can obstruct the transferring of files between devices due to being out of storage. It proves that this drop feature of Microsoft Edge isn’t a holistic feature that will ensure unlimited file transfers as it will depend on the storage provided by the user’s subscription plan. Despite this, it can solve the problem of sharing files across devices to an extent.

It is important to note that this feature is currently under experiment on the Cannery channel 104 for selective people, and it isn’t rolled out for general use. Yet, the reports show that the company will launch this feature soon for the public for regular use in the Microsoft Edge Web browser. However, there is limited functionality, but it will solve problems for the users in a different way. Until that day, the users have to rely on the current practicing features as they collaborate commonly through Slack. Microsoft edge advances this practice to offer a more handy solution to the users.

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