Microsoft Edge Displays Aggressive Behavior By Adding Feature That Imports Data From Google Chrome

The competition to become the leading choice for users in terms of web browsers is a race that we’ve seen evolve over time. And one name that seems to strike above all others is Google Chrome.

However, that doesn’t mean others like Microsoft Edge are willing to sit back and accept the defeat, as can be seen in the latest display of aggressive behavior.

Microsoft Edge is going as far as importing data from Google Chrome on a constant basis, thanks to its revamped browser. Moreover, the latest move is being called out for obvious reasons and that includes the way the browser has designed a new feature that manages to achieve this target.

Thanks to new details from users, we’re learning about Microsoft Edge’s strategy to import data via automatic means, allowing data to be taken from other browsers. And as you can expect, great emphasis is on arch-rival Google Chrome.

Previously, we were accustomed to seeing a page that stated ‘import browser data’ in the Edge Settings menu. This was only a one-time offer for importing data that could be synced across various features like bookmarks, passwords, and even a user’s history.

Leopeva64-2 / Reddit

All you had to was simply click on the option, which opened up a new avenue that allowed you to import data on a one-time basis from any other browser of your liking. The only mandatory requirement is that the browser needed to be on the computer for this to work,

Today, it’s a whole different ballgame. Microsoft Edge is giving users to take browser information from places like Google Chrome with each launch. And by the looks of it, the functionality has been on offer for a number of months. Moreover, the fact that it continued with this behavior without anyone noticing, up until now, says a lot.

It’s interesting to note how new updates for Microsoft Edge are stressing the feature and how the import page has a new look. Moreover, the fact that the update wants people to benefit from the update is shocking altogether. And with Chrome browsers being the only selection for this particular setting with no sign of Mozilla Firefox, it’s quite obvious what is being done.

You must be aware by now how getting data from other browsers isn’t something that’s new. Moreover, the fact that Edge is providing this as an update shows how keen the company is to allow Chrome users to switch over to Edge with ease.

You’ll find a range of new options that come with this update. This includes importing regular data, bookmarks, personal details, passwords, and some details related to payments too.

At the same time, we’re seeing Edge pull out some tabs that are already open on Chrome while taking extensions that are seen on the browser as well! To put it simply, users can continue on Microsoft Edge at the same point where they had left off on Google Chrome.

Windows Latest did also shed light on how all of the tabs being imported will be marked in a distinct fashion while the company does boldly state on its support page how users can go as far as importing up to 50 different tabs at any single point in time.

We are still waiting on Microsoft to update that particular page with information regarding the import option rolling out in an automatic manner.

As a whole, we feel the idea of a browser mirroring Google Chrome is not a bad idea. Remember, it rids all sorts of barriers that one would face while switching from one browser to the next. But again, some might feel the company is trying a tad bit too hard, considering it’s doing a great job on its own.

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