Microsoft Consolidates Identity Management Services Into Single Microsoft Entra Product Family

Microsoft has been making a lot of big changes as of late because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing it to continue some of the growth that it has seen in the past few years. Expanding its product portfolios has been a major priority for the tech juggernaut, and in a recent blog post Microsoft unveiled the launch of its brand new Entra platform for all of its identity management services.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Microsoft Entra will essentially be a consolidation of all of its disparate identity management products that it has released so far. The purpose of this change is to simplify the process of identity management for consumers, and Microsoft is launching various other parallel products that seek the same goal with all things having been considered and taken into account.

One of the products that will be included in this new suite is Azure AD Identity Governance. This product is meant to help with customer onboarding and offboarding in a secure manner. Entra also contains a Permission Management program which will highlight customers that have excessive permissions and therefore represent a security threat if their account ever gets compromised.

Microsoft is also dipping its toes into the world of decentralization with Entra Verified ID. This product will give users and companies more control over the data that they request and share, something that has been a much called for improvement due to how insecure the data collection industry has become.

Speedy credential verification is essential if businesses want to conduct commerce without delay, but in spite of the fact that this is the case few companies have created effective products that can service that need. Microsoft’s entry into the field is a heartening sign, and it might spur some of its competitors including Alphabet to offer similar products as well which they have likely already been working on for quite some time and will now want to release said products sooner.

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