Meta Puts A Pause On Its New Smartwatch With Built-In Camera As It Focuses On The Metaverse

In what is being described as an interesting twist of events, Meta has reportedly put a pause on the release of its new smartwatch that comes with a built-in camera.

The tech giant had mentioned to 9to5Mac in the previous year how Meta was very keen on the release of its smartwatch and it felt that it would provide stiff competition to Apple’s version.

Now, however, things have appeared to have taken a backseat and there has been a complete stop in the project’s development. While the exact reason is yet to be outlined, many analysts believe that it may have to do with the company putting all of its focus on the upcoming Metaverse.

As revealed by Bloomberg, the smart device had in-built Wi-Fi, GPS, as well as an array of other cool apps like Spotify. This has all come to a sudden stop but that does not mean Meta is putting a pause on some of its other wearables.

Yes, the company mentioned how it’s excited about more products for the wrist.

Bloomberg says that the device that has come to a standstill was being developed for the past two years. It had a number of features that were similar to archrivals like Apple’s smartwatch design.

From tracking users’ activity to playlists and their messaging as well, one prototype for the design even included dual-cameras that were a leading determinator from other leading names in the business.

One of the cameras on the device was featured right underneath the display while the second was seen on the device’s backside, right against the wrist.

When making use of the second camera, we would see it being removed from the watch so it can capture clicks at a fast pace. But there had been some talk about how the camera did feature a drawback relating to interference with the device’s feature that translated the wearer’s nerve signals all the way from the wrist towards the digital instructions.

Apple’s smartwatch is more or less related to fitness and the user’s overall general health. And that was one point that clearly differentiated both devices. Moreover, another aspect worth talking about is how the device carried the potential to become a true part of the Metaverse in the near future.

Bloomberg further reported how Meta spoke of the great benefits that electrical signals provided in paving the way for the hands of users to be seen as controllers that can further be used in the Metaverse.

Another unique difference is how Meta lacks a properly designed store for apps, unlike fellow competitor Apple. Therefore, it would be requiring a separate account to handle all of the apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, photo galleries, tracking, calendars, and others.

At the start, we heard that Meta was targeting a potential release for the year 2023 and the price point would be nearly $350. Now, however, that is out of the question.

Why did Meta make such a fierce u-turn is something that we’re still trying to figure out? We’ll keep you updated on the news as it breaks.

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