LinkedIn Lists Down Top 25 Companies to Work for In Marketing & Advertising Sector

Are you interested in boosting your career in the marketing and advertising industry? The following analysis will help you out.

LinkedIn, in a recent report, highlights a list of top 25 companies in the advertising and marketing industry where one can boost & secure his career ahead. In this list, Havas Media Group, a French multinational advertising company, tops the list which is further followed by Merkle and VMLY&R both located in the US. Research says that over 55% of Americans hunt for shifting jobs. After the COVID pandemic, the new research and data are valuable for people. The following list targets different companies with multiple job tags that one can search for and can apply for by visiting the company's page. The most common tags that one can apply for at various companies are:

• SEM Analyst

• Account Manager

• Media Associate

• Strategy Supervisor

• Producer

• Data Analyst

• Art Director

• Copywriter

• Partnership Manager

• Campaign Manager

Besides this, the social media platform also publishes multiple e-learning courses that are relevant to the skill set mentioned by them. One can enroll in these courses through the LinkedIn learning app and can easily boost their skills as per the skill set. Furthermore, if one is pursuing a job in these top-notch companies then one can follow the official company pages, hunt for the job with relevant job titles that suits them, and train accordingly to the job roles mentioned by them.

The top 25 companies were listed down because of their rapid insights. The LinkedIn algorithms work in the following manner that helps to identify the top companies of various sectors each year. The part-time contractors and interns working at various companies are sorted out and the company's ranking is based purely on the permanent employees. Also, according to the report, top locations were categorized as the regions or cities that employed the largest share of each company. The skill that was identified by looking at the most common skills that the company employees hold in the competition of many other companies. Moreover, the common job titles represent the professions that are common in most of the people of the company. If mentioning the largest job functions then it measures the function areas that are most dominant within each company. through these top factors, LinkedIn identifies the top companies in various sectors where one can plan his career ahead.

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