LinkedIn’s Transparency Report Shows It Blocked 11.9 Million Fake Accounts In Last Six Months

LinkedIn’s new transparency report has revealed how the company has managed to block a record-breaking 11.9 million fake accounts in the past six months.

This highlights how active the platform has been in terms of its security with an automated defense system removing spam and scams in that particular time period.

The company also spoke about how there has been a surge in misinformation but the fact that the company has improved its technology is validated by these recent results.

The company’s legal and digital safety head revealed in a recent blog how the firm is also enjoying record engagement for that time period.

As a whole, the app has seen constructive content with rises in misinformation but they’ve managed to deal with abusive content and damaging behavior in a wonderful way.

LinkedIn has previously spoken about how much trust it puts in its strong security defense system, adding how 96% of fake accounts were taken care of and more than 10 million had been prevented from moving further during the registration process.

The famous network that’s used and loved by professionals says the foolproof system for defense has gone as far as taking care of 99% of spam and scams for that period.

During the second half of last year, the company accounted for the types of content that had been removed in recent times.

And that is where it was revealed how misinformation led the pack with 208,000 removals, followed closely by harassment cases, and plenty of abusive content that amounted to 156,831. Next came violent content with 38,000 cases and adult content surmounting 37,000. In the end, the company revealed how hateful comments made up 15,000 cases while child exploitation came last with 125 cases.

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