Insulting Someone Can Get You In Prison For A Year In Japan Now

Japan has extended jail time for insulting someone from 30 months to 1 year. Previously, Japan fined anyone that insulted a person $75 and a 1-month jail. New legislation has increased this fine up to $2,200. According to the Japanese Ministry of Justice, Insult is a public violation of a person's civil rights. Japan is making sure that no one violates this law as it is very important for Japanese people to have self-respect.

Cyberbullying is a worldwide issue and when Japan started having several reports on this issue, they took a step to solve this in 2020. Since then, the law is made to protect people online who become victims of cyberbullying. This issue got serious when on 23rd March 2020, a Japanese wrestler and star, Hana Kinura, shared some hate comments towards her and told the media about how she self harms herself. After a few days, she committed suicide and that made everyone hateful toward cyberbullying. Then this law came to life. But the law was made so quickly that it is a part of many controversies too.

Seiho Coho, a Japanese criminal lawyer, says that even though this law is one of the best ones, most people don't know what qualifies as an insult and what does not. Anyone can claim an insult towards himself and the court could proceed with the punishment. He says that legislators should tell us the points that qualify as cyberbullying. This is the only way that we can provide a pure investigation and then the punishment.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this legislation is only passed due to the promise of re-examining it in 3 years. The re-examination of the legislation will help people and lawmakers to understand if it is really necessary to make this law permanent. Even though cyberbullying is bad, we cannot stop it in this era of technology. Let's see where this law will take Japan.


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