Instagram users can hide new messages in their message request section

Meta-owned Instagram is among the largest social media applications. Despite getting caught up in numerous complaints, the app developers are giving their best to cope with everything.

Last year, the social media platform was under the spotlight for not being a safe platform for teenagers, especially girls. This was due to the kind of messages they would receive from strangers in their direct messages.

To deal with this situation, the platform has been working on a number of new features that would prevent teenagers from getting messages from people they don’t know or follow on Instagram.

The first step that was taken was almost two years ago, when the “message request” feature was announced. This “message request” section was made specifically for the messages that a user would receive from unknown or unfollowed accounts.

As a result, potential spam messages could also be neglected as they won’t appear directly on the main DM interface.

A new update has been released recently. As pointed out by Ahmed Ghanem, the new update will offer a new feature in the message request section. This new feature will allow the user to hide any new messages coming from the account that previously texted the user. These new messages will be kept hidden and won’t alert the user if they have received any new messages as the notification will be muted for that account. The user will also be allowed to delete the message request to completely remove it from their profile.

The feature was announced a long time ago and was overdue for a while, but now it has been released widely.

Instagram is trying to counter all the concerns that were raised against the platform. Previously when it was reported that Instagram likes could potentially pressurize teenage girls, the application introduced a feature which allowed the users to hide the number of likes they’d receive on their posts.

Now all that’s left is to see what other measures will be taken by the platform to make it secure for users of all ages.

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