In its new v18 update Samsung Internet has come up with some very interesting features and here is all you need to know about them

In this new era of digitalization, many people don’t use their laptops and PCs just to use the browser when everything is available at their fingertips in the form of browsers given in their phones. While the Google Chrome browser is preferred by many as the global browser, Samsung’s Browser is actually not bad.

The browser has a surprising number of people that use it and prefer it above Google’s browser. This same browser just recently got a Beta update (version18), and with this new update Samsung has made quite a few notable enhancements. Paramount among the updates is the new extraction tool feature, the foldable tweaks and a more innovative form of tracker blocking.

In the new Samsung Internet v18 update, there is a new “Text Capture” feature located in the context menu, which lets users grab text from images which is not available on some of the big browsers. However, for this feature to work you need to have at least the latest One UI 4.1.1, Thus, this feature is only going to work on the newer models like the S22 family. Even the Z Fold3 is not compatible as it is still on the recently turned old 4.1 release. But, the good news is that the fold does at least get more refined tool/URL bar options.

You might be wondering if there is a fully working Chrome built into their phone then why do people use other browsers, well the thing is that people do this for their own safety as Google is an advertising company. Samsung’s browser has a feature that is called Smart Anti-Tracking and like all things it has only grown smarter over time. According to Samsung, the app with this feature now is able to detect and block trackers that use CNAME cloaking in order to defeat the regular protection technologies that are there for smaller problems.

This latest version of the Samsung Internet app pushes the Chromium framework to v99, which is still a few versions behind the current non-beta release. However, if you want to then you can download the new beta version on any android phone, but it comes with the Samsung phones where it is the default way of accessing the internet. This app and its update are both available in the Samsung app store as well as the Play Store.

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