Firefox Launches New Privacy Feature That Disables Parameters Used To Track Web Users

Mozilla Firefox has recently been launched with a brand new update that strips certain parameters from URLs. And the end result is that users can no longer be tracked when surfing the web, reports BC.

There are a leading number of tech giants who make use of customized URL parameters that keep a record of clicks across links. This includes the likes of Meta, HubSpot, and Olytics.

This feature better known as Query Parameter Removal works on an automated basis to strip these features so that in the end, you’re left with a URL that can’t be tracked when they’re opened for this purpose. Be it clicking on it or simply posting the URL in the address bar, it just will not work.

You can better get a look at how it looks and works by visiting Bleeping Computer’s page which shows a demo that’s very similar to the tracking parameters being stripped.

We do feel this is a wonderful start in terms of user privacy but there are some more trackers out there that just aren’t getting filtered. And we know that Brave Browser might be the only one that has the capacity to block it.

A lot of users might be wondering about how exactly this enhanced feature can be enabled so users start benefitting from it immediately.

Simply press on your settings tab for Firefox and then click on the Security and Privacy tab. You’ll soon be presented with two options where you need to press Strict if the setting mode is currently on Enhanced tracking mode. Please remember that the tracking parameters won’t get stripped when you’re in private mode, despite the strict mode getting activated.

On some occasions, you might face issues while using a number of websites with this setting in place so we just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

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