Google Proposes New Plan That Prevents Political Campaign Emails From Reaching Spam Folders

In case you didn’t notice, Google’s Gmail has been at the center of great controversy as many felt that it was guilty of forcing politically-themed emails into entering spam folders. This way, very few, if any, managed to reach the targeted audience.

But after much outcry and criticism from the masses, Google has finally come out with a master plan that it feels can help tackle the problem that’s been at the center of focus in the last few years.

Remember, election campaigns will do whatever it takes to get their message across, and if that means using all the different modes of communication, then so be it. And emails are clearly no exception to the rule.

See, the main goal here is to raise funds and gather attention through the process of filtering. And when your efforts are dragged into a spam folder, the anger will naturally persist.

Therefore, Google feels it’s time to request the FEC for some help in approving a unique program that exempts emails from various campaigns from entering spam after Gmail was accused of some partnership that mentioned how the company was involved in bias. Clearly, Google refuted the claims but not many believed the firm.

Gmail further felt the need to respond by stating how the company prefers to make use of several filters that are powered by AI- technology which assists them in deciding what’s spam and what’s not.

There are some key signals that are looked at in detail and help in distinguishing what should be spam and what should not be spam. But who all will the new rule be applied for was a common question on several people’s minds.

Well, the answer is all those political committees that Google deems to be authorized, followed by verified candidates, and other entities involved in carrying out political activities. Obviously, they need to be registered by the FEC.

But there is always going to be an option that’s present where users can opt-out. However, Gmail will not be letting its guard down against suspected malware, phishing attacks, and any policies pertaining to illegal content.

Users will continue to have the right to mark emails as spam but the firm won’t be doing it as a part of its default actions, like before.

And while the pilot test tries to come into effect with its respective approval, you can continue to make use of the company’s Postmaster Tools. This way, you’ll be keeping a check on your domain’s overall health.

H/T: Axio.

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