Elon Musk Shares His Future Vision With Twitter’s Employees Including Goals To Make The App Like TikTok And WeChat

Elon Musk is well on his way to becoming the new boss at Twitter and he recently reaffirmed that to the world by taking part in a recent Q&A session with the firm’s employees.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was so invested in telling the employees what his future vision with the company was while clearly delineating goals that he wished to achieve in the shortest timeframe possible.

To many people’s surprise, Musk said that he wanted the leading social media platform to be more like TikTok and WeChat while adding an extra target of getting one billion users by this year’s end.

Plenty of questions were thrown at Elon Musk including how he planned on achieving such high targets including a massive growth in the firm’s user base and increase engagement with users too.

That is when the billionaire revealed that he needed Twitter to be more giving in terms of different utilities while adding how important it is to provide users with information and entertainment along the way.

Taking inspiration from China’s leading app WeChat, he stated through his virtual meeting that people are literally thriving on WeChat in China and if Twitter can create something along those lines, it can really prove to be a massive success.

Musk also took this as a seamless opportunity to complement leading video-based social media app TikTok and its algorithm which was really doing wonders. The Tesla CEO says that Twitter could be transformed to achieve what TikTok is doing with its users and how interesting it would be to follow in their footsteps.

The world’s richest person had also placed a strong emphasis on how much improvement Twitter required in departments that were designed to provide users with correct information. He felt that it could really do a better job in terms of surfacing news, especially quintessential issues.

In terms of long-term goals and where the billionaire saw the firm in ten years, Musk says he wanted the company to grow into an entity that contributes to the betterment of civilizations and leaves a lasting impression on them.

During the video call meeting, Musk was very clear about how much he wanted to focus on getting both user subscriptions and payments on board, adding how people would now be needed to spend some cash if they wish to get verified.

There was also some bizarre chat about an irony label that would show a user’s intention behind their posts on the app.

Similarly, there were some repetitive mentions regarding ways to help combat the issues of spam as well as bots and by now, we bet you’re quite familiar with how much Musk is obsessed with those two terms that almost cost him the company’s acquisition.

As mentioned by Musk, people need to be charged to appear as troll armies on the platform.

We’re just waiting for Elon Musk’s deal to go through and when it does, we’re sure the app will be undergoing some major changes and developments because according to him, the platform needs to be disciplined more in terms of its financial position.

Last but not least, the Tesla CEO said he isn’t going to be totally against the concept of having the best members of the organization working remotely.

It’s still not clear if he would be the firm’s new CEO after the transition but he is very keen on being hands-on and super involved in the app’s products.

In the end, the conversation took a unique turn as Musk flipped the topic to that of space, planet earth, and how there is yet to be true evidence of aliens in his lifespan so far.

Photo Creator: MIKE BLAKE | Credit: REUTERS


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