Brands Can Now Add A Location Spotlight Module On Twitter’s Business Accounts

It appears as if Twitter is getting more and more exciting with each passing day. Now, the app is unveiling a new functionality that is definitely going to go down well with brands on the platform.

These brands hailing from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada will be given the chance to incorporate location spotlights across various business accounts.

This will include plenty of detailing like location, hours of business, and other relevant details such as contact too. Therefore, if you’re willing to take a sneak peek of what things may look like, then you simply head on over to the platform and see how they’ve set up a brilliant example with a business account.

There will obviously be an entirely separate section that is seen below the main profile and also right above the place where your tweets shall appear.

For now, we’re being told that this new module is up for grabs on the app’s professional profile which is for those users with businesses. Moreover, it is free of cost and presented on the app.

We’ve all been witnesses to Twitter’s slow expansion into the world of Professional Profiles. This was right after the company underwent its trial phase in 2021. Here is where the app took on board a few brands for the testing era. And soon, there was a time when we saw a number of firms signing up, clearly showing their great popularity. Shortly after that, all applicants were allowed to enter in September.

The app is giving users the ability to convert regular accounts to professional profiles by selecting the option. Hence, there’s no need to even enter via the app’s approval process as the change occurs by your own will in milliseconds.

This new location module is being hailed as one of the key elements that Twitter wishes to develop to assist companies in getting that professional touch. Remember, the goal is to make a lasting impact and that only comes through the right first impression.

See, the more people find you professional and trustworthy, the more leads users can generate through this app.

But where does Twitter plan on going with this new feature? The answer seems to be pretty straightforward. It’s a professional tool and it’s designed to help brands establish themselves in a better way. And we feel it’s a great start.

Considering the great level of uncertainty in today's time and the way the Elon Musk drama is continuing, the app definitely needs something that will help it get back on track in terms of more revenue.

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