Cybersecurity Experts Raise The Alarm As Information Stealing Malware On Google Play Store Amasses Two Million Downloads

Cybersecurity experts and other researchers are now signaling the alarm in terms of adware and malware that managed to steal users’ data silently. But what is really shocking is how both of them have amassed more than 2 million downloads across Google’s Play Store.

The report talks about stats from last month and it’s an absolute eye-opener to see how there are still up to 5 apps that are still available, putting thousands more at risk.

Research experts have added that they believe such adware infections can portray ads that may seem unwanted but have the potential to be so damaging and intrusive. They not only drain your battery, produce heat, and give you a tough time while using apps, but also make way for charges that can blow your mind as they’re unauthorized.

The worst bit has to do with how deceiving the malware can be masking as if they belong to the host’s device while making revenue from remotely located operators.

Vulnerable targets end up generating views and clicks across different apps through the various affiliated ads. Do you see how systematic their approach can be?

It’s interesting to note that such trojans are super dangerous as they can steal sensitive details while hacking into your account and entering different sites that might seem password protected but in the end, get targeted. The worst is when they go into banking apps or financial accounts.

These adware apps with their information stealing partners in crime have been a part of the Google Play Store since May of this year.

The news comes to us from Dr. Web who happens to be an antivirus report specialist who has called the apps out and the great risks they come with.

Tech analysts are now revealing the names of apps that users must be made aware of before it's too late. This includes PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor whose downloads have surpassed the one million mark.

Next in line comes the Wild Animal Wallpapers whose downloads have crossed 500,000. The malware can even replace the name as well as the icon of the app to Sim Tool Kit.

ZodiHoroscope is next in line and stands at 500,000 downloads and continues to increase as we speak. Here is a trojan that can steal your Facebook app credentials by masking itself and tricking a user while also disabling any ads on the app. PIP Camera 2022 has about 50,000 downloads and is seen as an app related to your camera but ends up hacking into your Facebook.

Last but certainly not least is the Magnifier Flashlight which many have just 10,000 downloads but is very capable of affecting videos and banner ads too.

While Bleeping Computer did write back to Google and ask if this malware were present or clean, they are yet to respond. But we feel it’s great to be safe than sorry.

Also, based on user reviews, the apps seem to display malicious behavior and aren’t delivering what they promise so we feel they’re busy infecting smart devices.

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