Brazil Becomes Latest Member To Join Hands In Forcing Apple To Develop A USB-C iPhone

After getting instructions from the European Union, we saw tech giant Apple receiving a lot of pressure in terms of replacing its Lightning Connector. This meant saying hello to USB-C as the standard for iOS smart devices.

Therefore, countries like the US were next in line when it came down to adopting a similar policy as Senators engaged in the discussion. Therefore, it now seems to be Brazil’s turn of following in similar footsteps to make Apple do the same.

Anatel which is one of the country’s leading digital regulatory agencies was recently caught speaking on the matter where a list of requirements was put forward for various manufacturers in this regard. And that includes how they plan on getting on board with the new charging port while outlining the benefits attached including the most convenience.

Other than that, there were discussions surrounding how waste would be greatly reduced as now, users can go about making use of the adapters for other means, no matter which type of device they end up having.

Most Android devices are already well equipped with a USB-C port. And as you can see, this means the project in discussion is more related to iPhones.

In Brazil, we’re seeing the program be related to smartphones in general, as that’s what is being presented for now. Anatel revealed how USB-C won’t be needed for those phones that are coming with the ability to only be recharged through wireless charging means.

Meanwhile, the EU will be needing USB-C as its classic standard for all devices. Be it cameras, iPad, tablets, and more- the list is extensive and even goes on to include accessories like headphones and even speakers that are portable.

We are seeing Brazil’s new demands being in the consideration phase for the public, which means anyone, including the country’s own tech firms may share what they feel about the change of making USB-C a mandatory change for smartphones. The last date to share your suggestions and feedback is the end of August this year.

If approved, this would be a part of all smartphones being sold in the Brazilian market as early as the start of July 2024.

In the end, we’re going to see Apple being left with no choice but to make the major switch as more and more nations get on board with the decision. After all, that’s the only way out for those wishing to continue selling in the Brazilian nation.

In the US, Senators made it very clear that the country was lacking in terms of standards for interoperability charging among other accessories. Therefore, a letter was sent out speaking in detail about how important it was to reduce waste and prevent further damage to the environment. And while it’s not clear yet when we’ll see the change take place, it’s going to make Apple adopt the change sooner or later.

But Apple isn’t too worried. Reports from tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shed light on how Apple had already begun the internal testing process but had no hopes for any releases this year.

H/T: Tecnoblog

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