Apple Is Testing A Revamped Text Message Filter That Eliminates Junk Messages

The topic of iOS 16 has slowly but surely become the talk of the town. And now we’re hearing some interesting news about a new update that could soon be a part of the launch.

Apple appears to be getting real serious about its junk messages and how it plans on combatting the problem with the help of a new filter that makes the process so much simpler.

The news comes to us as the company begins testing the option in beta for now and we’d definitely like to say that it’s definitely a revamped feature than what we were accustomed to in the past.

This new update will enable developers in charge of filter extensions to come forward and assist in classifying some non-personal texts into various subtopics that go as far as 12 different variants.

These will be divided into either promotions or a transaction. Common examples of promotion-themed messages include coupons, offers, and the other category. Meanwhile, the transaction would include health, weather, finance, orders, reminders, rewards, public service, and a carrier.

We heard more about this during the tech giant’s WWDC 2022 this year, where Apple went into the nitty-gritty details about how it planned on allowing its developers to add these diverse categories to the text filters for better organization of SMS.

Based on all of this, it clearly appears that the new category is only going to be present for users hailing from India. For now, there is no update if it’s going to be available in other nations but we do hope to get some details on that soon.

In addition to that, you’ll find Indian Apple users being given extractable events like a movie date or a train ticket. This can appear in the form of suggestions by Siri, a particular message thread, an inbox Calendar, or more. See, Apple is making sure users don’t miss out on some important event updates and that’s why they’re going through the extra effort.

Users hailing from the US don’t need to worry because they too will soon be able to benefit from the ordeal when iOS 16 rolls out. These users would be given the chance to report any junk texts to their mobile carriers via a ‘report junk’. And if you’re wondering where it’s going to be located, well, it will be in the Messages Application. To be more specific, you can search the unknown senders' tab to find it. But for now, we’re not sure which carriers are included.

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