YouTube Is Creating A New Invite-Only Project For Creators, Helping Them Better Root Themselves With Shorts On The Platform

YouTube is actively attempting to promote creators utilizing the platform’s Shorts format with a new invite-only program aimed towards them.

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and perhaps virtually every single social media platform with more than a hundred thousand monthly active followers have their own version of short-form video content. The reasoning, of course, has everything to do with TikTok: a platform that’s doing so incredibly well that its success needs to be emulated. The other option, of course, being falling into irrelevancy, which is always a major risk for any social media platform. Shorts, Reels, Spotlight, and so many other new services have been launched on their respective platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat), and all have the shared interest of ensuring that short-form content receives any boost termed necessary. Instagram, Snapchat, and even YouTube started this off by setting up creator programs which would allow users to get paid off the bat if they participated in generating necessary content. Naturally, this enticed more and more users to join, and voila! Suddenly, YouTube Shorts are an incredibly engaging and useful part of the platform and its algorithm.

So, money may have been handled effectively enough, though the question is raised: what does one do afterwards? Creators may be earning, but many of the smaller ones need help building their platform up. That’s where the new project comes in. Combining forces with a multitude of well-established creators, YouTube’s building a Shorts Creator Community. The community will be invite-only, cherry-picking users that display the most promise. Then, it will get them into contact with other creators that have been doing well for themselves. The project will also set up interviews and exclusive events, all geared around the creator economy and how one can thrive in it.

Short-form video content is the path of tomorrow, and lines the pavestones of today. It’s an incredibly engaging art form for a generation that’s become incredibly used to technology, and have comparatively shorter attention spans because of it. With such content attracting views, new users, ads, and revenue, it only makes sense for YouTube to continue heavily investing in both the short-form content as well as the creators behind it.

H/T: BI.

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