YouTube Allows Fans And Creators To Gift Paid Channel Subscriptions From This Week

YouTube is enabling a unique feature that gives creators as well as fans the ability to gift paid channel subscriptions.

The announcement came out this week, thanks to content creators who couldn’t hold their excitement in regards to the innovative monetization tool.

In case you didn’t know, subscriptions as gifts are known to be super popular in places like Twitch which has been deemed to be a major competitor for YouTube in terms of gaming.

Subscriptions have long been hailed as one of the easiest and most effective ways through which revenue can be generated. It also does wonders in terms of enhancing user engagement as well as the community.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that YouTube has really dragged the launch of the feature that many have been anticipating for quite some time now.

Thanks to YouTube in Japan started the trend by testing out the functionality recently with great success. And that’s where the concept of gifted memberships arose and will now be up for grabs for the app’s users in both the US and the United Kingdom.

While still in Beta, they’re going to be available for all YouTube streams starting as early as today.

For those who are still wondering why it’s such a big deal, well, we’ll tell you. On average, paid subscriptions go as far as $4.99 every month for any channel membership. That’s the cost that fans need to pay, giving them complete access to a number of exclusive content put forward by popular creators.

This can be badges, emojis, and more but it’s important to note how YouTube Gaming is now going one step ahead to roll out more exclusive features like Live Redirects where fans can travel to other streams like premieres.

Twitch is undoubtedly the largest American platform when it comes to livestreaming. But with that said, we’re seeing more and more popular streamers abandon it and instead, opt for YouTube Gaming because they find it more suitable.

And forecasts say this is just the start as they’re anticipating more users to jump on the bandwagon. The news comes as rumors arise about Twitch partners receiving a smaller share of the revenue via subscriptions. Previously, partners received 70% but this is now cut down to 50%.

This is thanks to the new model put forward by the platform that’s owned by Amazon in regards to monetization. On the other hand, YouTube Gaming is said to remove 30% of the revenue belonging to a streamer via its channel subscriptions.

And it doesn’t seem long before we can say there is a big difference in the audience of Twitch and YouTube gaming, considering the latter’s growing popularity.

The streaming platform YouTube has come a long way since its inception. Hundreds of creators jump-started their careers in social media via the platform. At the same time, the platform has been an excellent way for the creators to market themselves and earn money via running ads and paid sponsorships. It seems that YouTube is now planning to introduce features that will let a creator’s fans appreciate them more directly and personally.  YouTube is planning on introducing gifted memberships. For now, these are only available for select channels, but as per the platform’s update, they will soon be released to all creators. If you are a frequent Twitch user, then you will know what all the fuss is about. Likewise, the streaming platforms Twitch, YouTube now allow fans to show support to their creators in a financial way. By doing so, fans can access items like custom emojis! Previously creators on YouTube had to get creative and make use of other platforms. Patreon is the go-to choice for many influencers. It allows a subscription-based service in return for exclusive content, discounts on Merch and an early access to the videos being uploaded on YouTube.  YouTube is only allowing a small batch of creators to make use of the new feature. The platform says that it will be expanded in the near future to more creators; however, a timeline has not been shared regarding its rollout except for the fact that it will be made available for everyone in the upcoming months. Creators will be required to fill out a simple google form in order to avail of the feature; however, the platform is adamant about not making it available for everyone. As per their own announcements, a creator needs to fall on a set of requirements to be eligible for the feature. Even for the average viewer, you will not be able to make use of the gift feature if you are using a smartphone or tablet. So far, the update is limited to particular versions of YouTube such as the Desktop. Even though the platform says that it will be made available to all devices regardless of their operating systems, no official timeline regarding the update has been shared.  Viewers are also provided with an option in case they do not want to avail the feature. A pop up window will come on the screen, and you will be asked if you wish to enable gifted memberships. You simply enable the feature to be eligible for it! In case you receive one, you will be allowed one month of access to certain perks on the channel. They can be custom emojis, custom stamps and much more. The process is quite simple, as explained by YouTube. A member of the channel will buy memberships in batches. These memberships are randomly distributed out to your viewers in the stream. Gift receivers will not pay any charges, and the creator will be receiving a cut from each time a gift is bought!  The memberships are an excellent way by the platform to promote and strengthen the bond between a creator and a viewer.

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