WhatsApp Keeps Working On Mass Group Message Delete Function, And Allows Users To Send Media With Captions To Multiple Individuals

In a recent series of beta releases, WhatsApp continues working on its delete all messages feature, and is also introducing a new caption view interface design for iOS community members.

The first feature is one that we’ve discussed before, so I’ll give it a quick pass-over. WhatsApp now allows some group admins to delete messages for the entire group, as spotted by WBI; a power that was previously only relegated to the individual who sent that message in the first place. The reason of course exists to allow for more effective moderation across the platform. WhatsApp’s become such a hub of activity, with groups and group members ranging around in the hundreds each, mods need some artillery to keep order around. One such feature was the ability to prevent any non-admin messages from being sent to groups. This way, important information could be disseminated effectively in a group, and personal queries could be DM’d to the mods themselves, sparing every other user the hullabaloo of having to scroll through fifty messages after every relevant document.

This message may perhaps be employed in a similar manner by users, or maybe it’ll help protect other users from trolls or smurf accounts and whatnot. WhatsApp beta revealed nothing new about the feature, but rumors are floating around that devs are planning on increasing the time limit before a mod can no longer delete a message for everyone. Of course, that means nothing since we don’t know of the original time limit.

The next feature on our list is the inclusion of a new interface tweak, specifically relating to captions on the platform. Captions have been internet gold, ever since the olden days of reaction images such as ermahgerd and Success Kid. Users can add their fun little twist on an image or video, maybe even contribute to an ongoing conversation more effectively by providing supporting evidence and whatnot. At any rate, WhatsApp decided that it really liked captions too (yay, I guess?) and went on to allow users to share them with wider audiences.

In WhatsApp, iOS and Android users are being introduced to caption sharing. Now, whenever one sends an image with captions onto a group, and then decides to forward it elsewhere, the caption will be shared as well. All one has to do is approve of the caption being viewed by either their contacts, by their contacts minus select exceptions, or only the individuals the original media was shared with.

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