WhatsApp is about to release an update that enables participants to save the group without notice

As per WABetaInfo a new feature is under development to make users silently leave the group on WhatsApp without displaying a label that someone has left the group. As you know, Meta-owned WhatsApp has recently launched the most awaited reaction update on chats, and everybody is enjoying it. Soon after this, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed about WhatsApp communities that silent exit from the groups feature is yet to come.

The screenshot shared by WABetaInfo shows that this feature is just a step away from being enabled on Beta testers and iOS users. At this moment, when a group participant leaves the group, WhatsApp displays a default message in the group window, 'someone left the group,' and this message lets others know who has exited. The message looks very disgusting and embarrassing. But in the future, WhatsApp will allow users to quit unwanted groups without notifying others. This is something which is very useful as exiting ourselves from certain groups becomes much more accessible. Most of the time, we ignore the idea of leaving a group because we become worried about what others might think. The fear of friends and relatives stops us from exiting family and friends group. So, this feature's release will help us leave the buzzing groups as our social circle will not be notified except by the group's admin.

WhatsApp’s new update will be very beneficial to users because of the enhanced features. Also, the group chat participants will be happy to save their conversations without being notified, which is quite annoying. In the end, the developers of the WhatsApp messenger app are making unprecedented changes like the one mentioned in this article about saving group chats to improve user experience. From this and other updates, we can expect user-friendly features to be released in the future by WhatsApp. There hasn't been a confirmed release date right now, but speculations from professionals say that it will probably be released very soon. However, there hasn't been a release date officially confirmed by the developers as the feature is still under development.

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