Twitter’s Replies May Soon Get A Makeover While App Announces New Notifications For Search And Tweet Frequencies

Twitter’s replies could be on the verge of getting a new makeover.

A famous researcher sheds light on how the famous bird app is reportedly working to get on board with two functionalities that alter the way users respond to their tweets.

Thanks to Jane Manchun Wong, we were able to see screengrabs how the two possible features related to Twitter replies that the company is said to be working upon.

The initial image comprises a screenshot that revealed one option that boldly mentioned: “Start A Space About This Tweet”, while the second one was related to Pin Replies.

For those who may not be familiar, Twitter Space is the name given to functionality that enables users to host their own audio chat in relation to a particular Tweet.

At the moment, it’s still not clear if these tweets will be restricted to those of others or belonging to the user itself. But whatever it is, that would be one intensely vocal ordeal.

As far as the Pin Replies feature is concerned, well, that’s related to Twitter users being allowed to directly pin a number of replies on top of their tweets. This would be extremely helpful as it would allow diverse types of content to reach the top section after being pinned. Hence, it would save users’ time as they wouldn’t need to scroll endlessly in search of a reply.

On the other hand, Alessandro Paluzzi has recently tweeted Twitter is working on notifications to help alert users about any searches that they may be conducting (something like Google Alerts). The app hopes this will add ease in finding results that users may keenly be in search of. Therefore, you could just enable or disable the alerts as per your requirement.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how bad your Twitter addiction may be, well, the app is helping out users in that aspect.

Recently, Twitter tested a fabulous way to gauge how often a user Tweets and they’re adding this functionality directly to their profile page for convenience.

While the news could be intriguing for some, critics are holding their reservations as they feel this isn’t something to be too excited about. Meanwhile, other suggestions came directly from the app’s users.

According to them, a better version of this would probably be followers being given the power to decide how often they’d like to see tweets. Clearly, you can’t make everyone happy and for now, these are the updates made by the app so far.

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