Twitter Becomes Latest App To Go ‘Full-TikTok’ As Platform Starts Testing New Display Format

Undoubtedly, TikTok’s influence is overtaking the world. The popular video-based app has recently shown great growth with users crossing the billion benchmark. Moreover, experts claim this is just the beginning as the app hopes to introduce more innovative features for its already massive target market.

But the latest news surrounds Twitter and how it’s becoming the newest app to join the TikTok bandwagon in terms of taking inspiration.

Twitter recently revealed how it’s beginning its testing phase for display formats that give full-on TikTok vibes. As mentioned by leading Twitter user Matt Navarra, Twitter is the new TikTok, well, at least by the looks of it.

The new format has begun undergoing a series of experiments for Twitter’s Explore page and it’s safe to say you cannot tell the difference between Twitter and TikTok because that’s how similar it appears.

Matt revealed how the format even includes the classic For You page that delineates which content is best related to the user, depending on their likes and the general popularity.

To be more specific, the new format has two very interesting elements that are located on the Trending page. Here is where you can choose between Top Trends or perhaps select Personalized. It also depends on what’s trending on the app during that time.

But the real magic comes when users move on towards the feed that is called ‘For You’- here is where you can get major TikTok vibes coming through.

Simple select the vertical scrolling option and you’ll find all of your Twitter content being displayed in a manner that’s so TikTok. As you may have already guessed, the main emphasis would be on video-based Tweets. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see the regular text-themed tweets being added in there.

See, the presentation style over here deserves a special mention as it’s more catchy and guaranteed to immerse any viewer on the app. Therefore, that’s exactly why many are viewing the change as a smart one.

The fact that the app is stressing more over the likes, dislikes, interests, and habits of users is definitely going to work in its best interest. Remember, TikTok’s algorithm must be doing something right.

TikTok’s display enables users to engage in the full-screen format, allowing creators to receive direct responses. Moreover, every move made by a viewer is an indication of how interested they are in a particular video.

Obviously, we can’t expect an app like Twitter to get the same sort of responses as there are multiple tweets popping up in seconds. But the new format will differentiate one tweet from another, giving each its own frame.

Tech experts believe this will work in the app’s best interest as they can now better gauge what users prefer and also enhance the recommendations section too. Maybe this is why Meta seems to be keen on making a similar move with its recommendations too.

Remember, not all users are going to gain access to the new format just yet as it's still in the trial phase. While the initial testing period began last year, we can see the upgraded version being worked upon now.

For a while, we’ve seen Twitter work hard on enhancing its viewing format and this just might be the best step forward.

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