TikTok Says That The Gaming Niche Is Golden Mine For Marketers

The short video sharing platform TikTok has amassed an enormous following in a short span of time. Users of all ages spend their day scrolling through the video of hundreds of creators that post daily. It is not surprising that the platform is now able to collect, analyze and publish data of their findings. Recently, the app shared its fascinating notes about the gaming trends and the unique opportunities it brings for marketers.

The gaming industry is vast, and the opportunities it brings are seemingly never-ending. It comes as a no shocker that these everyday games can produce a significant influence on mainstream media. Even the most mundane trends can be traced back to the gaming industry if you are looking to expand your marketing. Your efforts should be directed toward the untapped mine of the gaming industry. You will not need to worry about searching for a trend as the massive platform TikTok takes care of it. The company has been looking into the factors that tie the gaming industry to its app. TikTok itself said that the gaming industry is a huge one. As per their understanding, Millions of these gamers are present on their platform! The publishing clearly shows that their gaming related hashtags receive more than 40 billion video views per month! The data comes from the platform's internal work. If you are wondering how likely the user is to spend after viewing the app, the platform answers that too. About 65% of the TikTok users located in the USA likely made an app purchase through the platform in the last 3 to 6 months!

Surprisingly, the gaming industry and niche are often not given any importance when it comes to marketing. However, this very industry is popular amongst teens and children. The companies can also attract older customers by making use of the nostalgia feature of the games back in the day! TikTok is taking a step toward highlighting the importance of marketing in the gaming sector and produced a flowchart when it comes to devising a plan for marketing in this particular industry!

Their flowchart focuses on organic, paid and earned promotional efforts. Organic content can be an excellent way to develop trust with your audiences and get better insights into their liking and engagement with the brand. A brand can quickly test various niches and content before spending an immense fortune. Paid content can allow you to expand your consumer base. It is a fantastic way to amplify your brand's voice exponentially and can help a company bring in vast numbers of followers in a short period of time. Earned content comes when a brand establishes community engagement. Hold virtual panels, invite your audience and take their opinions into consideration.

The report released by TikTok also focuses on different mediums of marketing. The platform claims that it can easily amplify the likelihood of a user engaging with the ad after having been on the platform. An ad played on TV is 13% more likely to be remembered after engaging with the platform. The trend follows through across different social media platforms as well. Instagram content becomes 43% more engaging, and the likelihood of skipping an ad on YouTube decreases by 31%. The platforms in question are yet to publish any findings, but as per TikTok's claims, you are likely to get your message across on a broader scale if the user has been on the platform!

It seems that TikTok plans on becoming your own personal marketing campaigner. They also published a set of nine tips that can be utilized to market yourself in the gaming niche and across a wide range of platforms! The insights published by TikTok are undoubtedly a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. These elements can come in handy, and it is worth it to go through the full report!

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