Success For DuckDuckGo As Search Engine Bags Second Position As Most Trustworthy Search Engine

The unveiling of this year’s Consumer Privacy Trends Report has put a lot of things into perspective and while some may be known, others came about as surprises.

1K consumers were recently surveyed by Tinuiti on how they felt about data protection and who they trusted the most. While most agreed that all social networks had the same protocols in place, it was interesting to see how that wasn’t the case with search engines.

So many respondents shared their views about how distinct they felt search engines were in comparison to their social media counterparts, referring to their policies as distinct and not one that fits all.

20% of those surveyed felt the type of search engine didn’t make a difference. Meanwhile, 43% said there was no difference in the type of social media platform used. In the same way, 16% felt unsure about which of the following search engines were the best at providing protection. And this brought the ‘unsure’ category portion of the results to 35%.

As you can probably guess by now, Google is a leading market player in the world of search engines. This can be supported by the fact that at least 37% of users felt Google did a terrific job in this regard.

Remember, Google holds a staggering 88% of the US market share for search engines so it only makes sense where these statistics are coming from, especially in regard to familiarity.

And that is where DuckDuckGo comes into place - 16% of users felt they could trust it blindly in terms of their protection. This is definitely surprising because the results obtained are higher than the company’s own market share, which fluctuates around 2.5%.

But where did this sudden rise in demand come from? What is the company doing that has changed people’s perception to such a great extent?

Well, it definitely appears like DuckDuckGo’s efforts of putting ‘privacy first’ are truly paying off as reports have shown how 22% of males and 13% of females felt it was trustworthy.

Similarly, the search engine also got high marks among the 36% of consumers who felt privacy was a dominating factor when considering which search engine to make use of. But Google did too.

Whatever the case may be, the fact that DuckDuckGo could even manage to secure half of what Google could in terms of consumer trust is a great achievement for the company.

In terms of third place, Microsoft Search managed to secure just 10% of votes while Yahoo Search was next with 6% and Bing Search trailed behind with just 4%.Read next:

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