Snapchat Shares Insights About User Feedback And Where Brands Can Fit Into Its World

The evolving world of social media once had so many people thinking Snapchat wouldn’t be able to make it big.

Many bets were placed on how the app would struggle amid the fierce competition of rivals. For instance, we saw Meta literally copy Snap’s famous story format and add their own touch on Instagram.

However, despite the criticism, Snapchat failed to pay attention and instead chose to focus on itself and stick to its targets. And fortunately they did kind of well because they’re really come far in terms of connecting the world.

We saw the app develop and expand into an entity that had a unique touch. Similarly, the platform worked hard on its AR tools. The end result is the app staying relevant to today’s changing trends while creating a strong base for a brighter future.

Today, it has come to a point where the company is building upon its creative brilliance and is marketing itself to leading ad partners. Snap says it’s hoping to spread contentment and thinking of more ways to pave the way for more engagement and exciting chances to grow.

The company recently unveiled a number of new insights about where it stands today in terms of user experiences.

The app says there are so many that come with one aim in mind - share all the content they have with others and get active engagement.

This bond of sharing makes way for more and more outlets to come into the discussion and get a great partnership growing. When you have a 30% more likelihood of people making purchases on the app, when compared to those, not on Snapchat, it makes sense for more and more brands to come on board.

But where exactly do brands fit into the Snap world? Well, the company laid out its insights as shown below.

First things first, almost 95% of users claim they remain connected with loved ones and friends through the app. Meanwhile, 87% of users confirm they can be themselves on the platform. Hence, there’s no surprise when we see the app rank as one of the happiest networks, thanks to a recent study.

Now when you’ve got so many positive interactions combined in one place, brands are likely to be your mainstay and true calling. Not only do users love engaging with these companies, but they also love seeing them pop up on the app.

Let’s not forget Snapchat’s evolving world of AR. These tools go a long way when it comes down to users making some huge buys like cars, phones, or a laptop too.

Recently, the app unveiled its leading design of AR tools for commerce purposes. They also spoke in detail about how they could assist in providing insights and a number of incentives for an organization that would love to interact with Snapchat’s users.

You might be surprised to learn that although this app is usually an attractive platform for younger audience members, new stats revealed how it is now popular among people between the 13 to 34 age bracket.

We agree that the audience of Snapchat continues to get older with time. Therefore, in order for it to succeed, it must evolve with the needs of its members. And if that happens soon, we just might see it being a huge consideration for advertising agencies. After all, this combined with AR development spells magic for stakeholders.

The facts and figures highlighted by Snap are proof of its great potential. Therefore, it makes sense why many brands are keen on giving it a worthwhile consideration for any campaigns in the near future.

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