Bill Gates Fears The World’s Economy Is Making Its Way Towards Recession

Billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is sharing his views about the world economy and to put it simply, he isn’t very optimistic about the direction in which things are heading.

In a recent interview, Gates explained how there can be a very strong argument regarding a global slowdown of the economy, which is a clear indication that he’s on team bears.

The next hot topic was how the billionaire viewed the ongoing Russian conflict with Ukraine and what impact that could have on the world economically.

To that, Gates replied how it was another confounding factor that was designed to slow down the current global financial crisis. After all, we are trying to recover from the pandemic and its devastating effects.

In particular, the Microsoft founder and CEO shed light on how the world is going through a massive amount of debt coupled with issues relating to the supply chain. As you can already imagine, it’s bound to elevate problems pertaining to inflation and that’s exactly the fear Gates has.

Bill Gates reaffirmed that as much as we would all like to deny it, the bears have a stronghold right now and that this coupled with rising interest rates really concerned him.

The interview took a serious turn when the billionaire expressed great fear regarding how rich countries’ economies taking a hit means poorer nations being affected the most.

In case you weren’t already aware, leading world banks have spruced up their interest rates to help curb inflation. But the growing fear of many, including Bill Gates, is related to how fast these rates are increasing and the outcome is nothing but economic recession.

With that being said, it’s interesting to see the types of views coming out from Wall Street banks regarding inflation and the current financial crisis. Some are even going as far as mentioning how inflation rates have further peaked.

And that’s why we saw how Bill Gates had mentioning in a blog post last month how pivotal it was to decrease the wealth gap between the rich and the poor, or else we could soon be facing another major pandemic.

According to him, overcoming the pandemic doesn’t just mean returning back to aid levels that were observed before the pandemic. Instead, it’s about building upon investments by making the health care system stronger. And that is where he firmly believes lies the solution to shrinking the gap between the wealthy and poor members of society.

Image source: MSC / Kuhlmann

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