Smartphone shipments worldwide have taken a hit in the first quarter of 2022

A bunch of factors involving the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Russia might’ve caused the financial issues in the shipment of smartphones and other related products globally.

According to reports from IDC and Counterpoint Research team, the global smartphone shipments have seen an exponential 7% to 8.9% decline. Some number of repercussions from the pandemic and the ongoing war with Russia and Ukraine were completely expected but the market is still drastically affected in a bad manner.

Even as the pandemic situation gets better with rapid spread of vaccinations and an overall decrease in cases worldwide as compared to the past, there is still much left to be desired both economically and practically.

Instability and shortage of supplies is the main causes of the rapid decrease in shipments worldwide. While the pandemic definitely played a big factor in causing supply shortages of chips and silicon exports, the Russo-Ukraine War also played a major part in the industry’s shipment decline. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not only the biggest conflict in Europe since the second World War, it is also the root cause of economic instability and uncertainty in many regions of Europe.

However, smartphone shipment declines are relatively normal in other parts of the world excluding Eastern Europe which plays a small part in the industry in the grand scheme of things.

Even if that’s the case, various smartphone manufacturers have also played their cards carefully and have seen a much smaller or an even rebound in shipment and sales overall. Out of them, Realme and Honor have made huge comebacks in the market but are still far off from normalization.

Honor notably departed from its parent company Huawei and have been lucky enough to rebuild some of its downsides while Realme has seen better results due to bigger expansion in overseas market.

Looking at these companies, we can sense a hint of hope for the market for any normalcy like in the past before the pandemic. If things go smoothly with the pandemic coming to its end, we could see a potential rebound of the mobile industry and shipment of smartphones becoming normalized without delays.

The numbers that we've seen in Q1 2022 have been drastic, but we could say that these are still quite low numbers compared to past years and we’ll have to see how things play out in the latter half of 2022. If things get worse with Russia and Ukraine, the shipments might see an even bigger decline but if things reach swift conclusion, then we might finally see a full rebound in the market.

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