Newor Media 2022 Review: Using AI and Machine Learning to Boost Website Earnings and Performance

There's no shortage of ad networks and platforms to work with. However, with the competitive advertising landscape, choosing the right platform is crucial to your earnings and website's performance.

Today, we'll review one platform that has been rising in popularity to help you determine whether this is the right partner for you.

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a full-service ad management platform that supports header bidding. The platform prides itself on helping publishers achieve revenue maximization while staying true to user experience.

In addition to increased competition from header bidding technology, the platform offers a variety of tools to give publishers an edge in the advertising space. Newor Media aims to improve ad experience while simultaneously improving website performance — through balanced UX and improved site speed.

Newor Media Features

Header bidding technology

Newor Media is a header bidding provider. Header bidding is the advanced programmatic technique of simultaneously auctioning ad units to multiple network stacks. In doing so, demand for ad space is increased — and so are publishers' profits.

Quality ads

The platform works with relatively competitive partners. As a result, publishers have access to a wide variety of quality ads.

Types of ads Newor supports:
  • Native ads
  • Video ads
  • Web/Interstitial ads
  • Video ads
  • Rich media ads
  • Sticky (header and footer) ads

Revnue-generating solutions

The platform offers several types of ad support and solutions to achieve revenue maximization. For example, they use a combination of AI and manual fine-tuning to optimize ad placement and overall layout. In doing so, they increase interactivity and viewability.

Additionally, they support ad refresh and lazy loading. Ad refresh allows publishers to earn more on pages where on-page time is significantly highe,r and lazy load helps keep website speed in peak performance.


The onboarding process is relatively simple. Following submitting an application, an approval notice is sent to you within 1-2 days. Newor Media sends an insertion order agreement which is not a contract but outlines the partnership and terms. Once signed, a dedicated account representative reaches out to discuss ads, placements, and questions you may have. The goal of the meeting is to provide transparency into their process and immediate recommendations on layouts and placements to optimize your website.

The rep creates your ads and sends them over with instructions for implementation. Similar to most implementations, a WordPress plugin will make integration easy. Following the application, your dedicated account rep will assess and tests the ads, then helps you go live.


Some common questions and myths pertaining to Newor Media are:
How much does Newor Media cost?

The platform is free to use, with no hidden service fees in place. Additionally, unlike other competitors, they don’t add their logo to your website as a substitution for payment.

Is there a contract?

Newor Media is non-exclusive — so no contracts. Publishers are given an insertion agreement, which only outlines the service and is an agreement to add their ad units. They can work alongside ad networks of your choosing (even AdSense). However, they can not work with other header bidding providers — it could cause tech issues and threaten earnings.

How and when do I get paid?

Publishers are paid on a NET30 basis and can receive payment via Paypal, Payoneer, or wire transfer. There’s a $250 minimum payout threshold for wire transfers but no minimum for Paypal or Payoneer.

Does Newor Media only monetize English traffic?

Since Newor requires sites have predominately US traffic, it’s easy to assume they only monetize US traffic — but this is incorrect. They have demand for several other traffic geos. However, they require websites to have predominantly US traffic due to their partnerships and high demand for US viewability.

What are the requirements to join?

To join, publishers must be hitting 30,000 unique impressions per month. Additionally, the website cannot involve borderline content — such as sex, drugs, gambling, and guns.

Who is Newor Media Good for?

Newor Media aims to improve ad yield and website performance for its users. It’s a valuable tool and useful solution for:

An AdSense alternative: Any publisher looking to grow past their AdSense earnings can benefit from Newor Media’s scalability. They’re a credible alternative to the industry giant.

Maximized ad earnings: Proprietary tech and manual oversight work together to balance user experience with high-performing ads. It’s an ideal solution for any publisher wanting revenue maximization with little effort required on their end.

Pay-Per-Impression: Publishers heavily involved in affiliate marketing or a cost-per-action paying model could benefit from pay-per-impression/view. Essentially, it’s making a passive income from viewability rather than other action-oriented payment models.

Transparency: They provide an earnings dashboard with helpful analytics. Anyone looking for better reporting and more transparency into the bidding process can benefit from Newor Media.

Header Bidding: Most networks use programmatic bidding but don’t take advantage of header bidding technology. As a result, they cannot drive demand. Newor Media utilizes header bidding to get publishers maximum rates across their network stack and any additional a publisher wishes to work with.

Newor Media vs Competitors

There are several competitors in the sphere offering similar services — tech-jargon aside, this is how they compare.

Newor Media vs AdSense

AdSense is the most popular beginner tool for ad monetization. However, AdSense offers little optimization or scaling — giving Newor Media a clear advantage.

To start, AdSense works on an ad rank system, prioritizing certain bids over others, which short-changes publishers what they’re owed. Newor is demand-agnostic, so the auction winner is always the highest bidder. Additionally, Newor supports header bidding, and AdSense does not. This means more networks are involved in the auction, driving up demand and rates for publishers.

As mentioned early, Newor Media offers a variety of solutions, techniques, and functions meant to drive revenue maximization while staying true to user experience. For example, unlike publishers under AdSense, Newor Media publishers get free Adblock revenue recovery, layout optimization, website speed improvement, a consent management platform, and more.

Newor Media vs Ezoic

Ezoic is another common AdSense alternative offering the same AI and machine-learning tech to drive publisher revenue. So, how do they compare?

Newor Media is free to use, whereas Ezoic charges for service or requires a small logo be placed on your website.

Ezoic has a greater network stack for traffic outside the US and non-English speaking. On the other hand, Newor requires websites predominately US traffic and English-speaking — however, they still monetize traffic that is not the US.

A common complaint from Ezoic users is poor loading speed. In contrast, Newor Media is not known to slow down sites.

Is Newor Media Worth it?

Newor Media is a credible ad network, award winner, and Google-certified partner. They're not a shady platform, which can be a common issue today. They have a solid payment history and have no signs of leaving the advertising sphere soon. In fact, they seem to be scaling and growing daily.

It's a great AdSense alternative or tool to boost website earnings and performance. Depending on your needs, they're also a great alternative to many of their competitors in the space. In addition, they offer a free earnings calculator to gauge what you could be making with the platform. You can visit Newor Media to see for yourself.
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