Google Play Users Are Seeing The Movies And TV Store Disappear From Their App

Google Play is sticking by its decision that was unveiled in March regarding the removal of the Movies and TV tab across its Play Store.

Therefore, users are now confirming how they’re watching it disappear across their app but not too many people are fond of the new change.

Google had mentioned earlier how it was not keen on seeing its users browse, rent, purchase, or even search for entertainment shows or movies through their phones at the Play Store’s app. Instead, they’re more interested in having people make use of the new replacement that arises in the form of Google TV.

This is a button where users can witness their library that comes with an updated ‘highlights’ version on the newsfeed.

To accommodate the change, we’re bound to see previous purchases, payments, options for sharing with family members, and refunds too. Let’s not forget the good old gift cards or play credit options as well.

Thankfully, there’s no major change being done to the interface as a whole, which we saw being redesigned recently.

It’s quite clear what the Play Store is up to right now. They’re more centered on specific applications, games, audiobooks, and more. Hence, near the bar found at the bottom, you’ll see three different tabs. One is for books, another for apps, and the third one is reserved for games.

You just might find another one related to other Offers. But all in all, we do feel it makes the whole navigation process so much simpler and cleaner.

We first heard of the tab disappearing last week, but the news became a hot feature around parts of Europe today. And that’s when we also saw the search engine giant roll out an official announcement in this regard, confirming how the tab was in the midst of being removed from the Play Store. By the looks of it, we might be seeing it stretch out till June.

While Google might be trying to add convenience to users with this move, it won’t be surprising to see users end up on YouTube and find their favorite shows from there, instead of using Google TV. After all, it’s just so much simpler, not to mention how it’s located on the home screen too.

Also, it’s interesting to note how YouTube had just doubled down with the features seen on its media platform. Whether or not this was intended to be aligned with this change, we’re not quite sure.

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