Meta’s Instagram And Facebook Reign Supreme As Most Trusted Social Networks For Consumers

The results are out in regards to the most trusted social media network for consumers.

The responses generated from Gen Z through a recent survey were very different when compared to those seen by respondents hailing from other age groups.

Clearly, they take on social media privacy in a more hardcore manner and that’s why it was noteworthy to see the results.

While there was no clear winner in this regard, Gen Z consumers felt social networks did have distinct policies in place for protecting privacy. Also, the survey delineated that there were significantly fewer ‘not sure’ responses recorded when compared to other age groups, which stood at 68%.

25% of Gen Z respondents recorded their answers for the social network whom they could trust. And Meta’s properties took the lead with 24%.

Instagram ranked first with 13% of the votes which was closely followed by Facebook with 11%. Snapchat was closely behind but it’s interesting to note how Snap was preferred 3 times as much by Gen Z when compared to older age groups. This is where only 3% of them felt they could put any trust in Snapchat.
Only 9% of Gen Z users claim TikTok was capable of protecting their online privacy, which is nearly four times as much as that observed for the older population.

Other than the scope of social networks, we saw Gen Z aligning with the older cohort in terms of privacy protectors, where some even went as far as giving others plenty of support. For example, 41% of them felt Google gave the best privacy policies in terms of search engines. And that was almost 4 points higher than the rest.

In terms of mobile operators, a whopping 72% felt Apple’s iPhones were the best in terms of privacy, which was 21% greater than what older age cohorts felt.

H/T: Tinuiti.

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