Meta Sweetens Its Reels Deal For Creators With More Monetization Options

Undoubtedly, more and more social media apps appear to be keen on making the most of video formats, thanks to their trending popularity.

And in line with that, leading apps are also working around strategies that best reward their content creators through some of the best monetization pathways. After all, they are the true stars that make the app what it is.

For now, YouTube has its own Partner Program that works by its popular Shorts feature, not to mention an addition to its trending Shorts’ Creator Fund. This week we saw leading social media app TikTok also announce its decision to join the bandwagon of rewarding its creators with an abundance of monetization opportunities via a new revenue-sharing initiative.

This week also marks the day when Meta has announced how keen it is becoming on sweetening its viral Reels feature in terms of monetization opportunities.

The new update will be a keen part of its bonus program that alters the way payments are made. This comes with the release of another feature for Facebook Reels. Now, users will be able to benefit from another functionality called the Challenges. In this way, creators can make the most funds through their viral clips.

At the moment, Meta is choosing not to go public with the specifics of the way revenue will be calculated. But the main advantage being seen is related to giving creators the best payback for their hard work and efforts.

No matter how big or small the creator may be, one thing is for sure. They’re all going to benefit from the new update, keeping their audience sizes separately. With other apps, we see greater emphasis made on those that provide more content or creators that have a bigger name. This isn’t the case here.

By leveling the monetization playing field for all, the app hopes to encourage more rising talent to come forward and give it their best shot.

The company shed light on how its Challenges could further serve as an incentive for creators on the program to think outside the box and deliver content through which they can make a hefty amount of earnings.

While many experts do appreciate the efforts being outlined by Meta to help both small and large-scale creators at the same time, others seem skeptical. They believe for it to really work in that manner, the platform must consider adding ads now and then, later on, go on reserving a share of the profits to those making the most engaging content.

Recently, Meta also unveiled how it is currently in the testing phase for overlay advertisements. These are related to the Reels feature and have been in the pipeline for a while now. In February, the company announced how it was adding creators from various nations like the US and Mexico who would be the first to make the most of the launch.

This is being recalled as a wonderful monetization opportunity that gives advertisers another chance to market their goods as there’s a greater chance to meet consumers hailing from the niche target market.

We just saw Meta shed light on how well its Reels were performing and how more and more users are spending time on video content on Instagram, where figures were related to 20% while those on Facebook rose to 50%.

While TikTok may once have been hailed as the original leader of the trend, it’s great to see others apps rise up to the challenge and make the most of this great opportunity.

Lastly, Meta also says it’s going to launch some more insights for creators from Facebook’s Reels Play feature. This means more and more creators can benefit from viewing the exact number of plays that their Reels’ content achieved during a certain time. And in the end, it’s an indication of how transparent Meta plans on being in the future.

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