Apple rolls out iOS 15.5 in other countries after the US with Communication Safety in messages for children's protection

Apple has recently launched its latest iPhone in most parts of the world. It has been revealed that the company has released some minor updates to enhance the user experience. Apple has significantly fixed the bugs in iOS 15.5 and improved wallets and podcast features. The Communication Safety feature, which was launched earlier in 2021 and was confined to the United States, is now available in four other countries, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, as per TAP.

Last year in August, Apple announced that they'd not allow child pornographers to spread illegal content that could be harmful to teenagers. And to stop nudity and cheap stuff, they rolled out a communication safety feature on the iMessage app to protect children's safety. They also satisfy parents and their concerns regarding their child's iPhone usage. Apple uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to protect children vulnerable to seeing nude and unsolicited pictures. Guardians need to enable the settings on the child's iPhone 15.5, which will first scan the message, and once it checks there isn't any nude message, it will unblur the image and make it visible to the viewer. Message messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, and nobody else, even Apple servers, can't view them. It is worth mentioning that Apple isn't entirely restricting children from viewing sensitive content. Instead, it's more like guiding the minors that they should be careful while seeing morally incorrect photos.

Additionally, the Communication safety feature is for children under eighteen. Children under thirteen years aren't able to sign up for Apple ID, so their parents create an ID for their younger kids by using Family Sharing. Besides this, the communication safety feature is designed for teenagers' parental control, which is why it cannot be available on an adult's iPhone.

The communication safety option remained controversial before its release on iPhone 15.5. the main reason was that parents would be automatically notified if a child got a nude massage. But after it rolled out, no such alerts were there on the device. Moreover, Apple is also testing some features to stop child exploitation when they detect the content related to child pornography is being searched on Safari or Spotlight browsers on iPhones.

With the expansion in community safety in messages on iPhone 15.5, the protection and safety of children are ensured to a significant level. We hope to see a healthy environment in our society, free from harassment, nudity, and bullying of innocent souls with this update.

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