Instagram Embraces Evolution By Bringing In 'New Energy' In The Form Of A Visual Refresh

It certainly wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram has truly come a long way from where it originally started.

The app has revolutionized the original concept relating to image sharing because it’s doing much more than just that right now.

Most importantly, it’s hard to imagine that the app has been around for nearly 11 years now and it’s safe to say that over time, there is so much change that has taken place.

Before, many of us looked at the platform for sharing our photos to close friends and followers but what began as an innocent-looking app is now on the way to some radical or revolutionary developments.

Today, you’ll find people who solely rely on Instagram for their income and there are plenty of ways to generate revenue. But that’s not our focus for today.

What we are here to share is how Instagram plans on embracing a new refresh for the brand and that includes new energy entailing a great number of facets that span across the platform.

Recently we saw the company release a blog post about how their new system has been created to embrace different changes that come their way with the evolution of time. The end goal, like before, was to assist in making user experiences much more inclusive as well as highly immersive for all.

For starters, you’ll immediately notice the new logo that has received an upgrade from when we last saw it in 2016. It’s definitely much more radiant now, not to mention how much glow and illumination have been incorporated for that standout effect. As the brand says, it’s come more alive.

But why the sudden change? Well, the app says they’re trying to make others aware of its discovery moments. However, the change didn’t stop there.

Alongside the more lively logo, we’re seeing the company’s innovative typeface which is called Instagram Sans, which will be projected now across the platform for various purposes like advertising or marketing campaigns.

Instagram spoke about the new typeface, adding how it was created by keeping in perspective heritage so that various global scripts could be made use of. And while we’ll still be able to witness the font in a different place, the app will also allow users to share it through their reels or their Instagram Stories too.

And the best bit has to be related to how the typeface can be found in different global languages. What do you think?

If we actually look at the new update from the point of view of a user, it doesn’t scream and shout improvement. However, those of you that might appreciate the little things when apps layout their offerings, well, this just might be something worth your while.

Before we forget, the app did make a series of updates this month such as sprucing up its DMs and allowing for an expansion of product tagging to all those users from the US. In addition to that, we saw an added fundraiser being incorporated into Reels too. But this is just the start of many more things planned in the app’s pipeline.

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