Google's Android’s Growth Worldwide Continues To Flourish As One Billion New Devices Activated By Consumers In The Last Year

Android has been doing fabulous for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that the winning streak isn’t planning on showing any signs of a slow down.

Google recently shed light on how it was forced to activate nearly one billion new devices in 2022 and that’s a very clear indication that the growth potential is immense.

Across the globe, we’re seeing Android do great and it’s now leading in terms of being the most popularly used operating system by smartphones. And considering how the latter is an integral part of our lives, you can only imagine what that means in terms of success.

Android is hailed for powering all devices, be it the most modern and innovative ones to downright basic or simple- you name it and Android will be there. Therefore, this type of flexibility should be given credit for its great success.

Google’s I/O summit for this year highlighted the great growth spurt attached and how it was continuing at a more than acceptable pace.

Another point worth a mention is how Sameer Samat from the company boldly declared how there were 8 billion people living on planet earth and if we see how Google’s Android has enabled great growth with one billion devices being activated, it’s definitely a huge achievement. Clearly, these figures are an indication of the potential it possesses not only now but for the future.

This also says so much in terms of both the scale as well as the engagement it is getting. Remember, Android phones can be found on both small and large-scale price tags. Moreover, for the common man, the choice of buying both cheap and expensive smartphones is always present.

On the other hand, Google also released some more figures relating to its RCS. The tech giant has mentioned so many times before how it sees that as the future of texting. To be more specific, we’re talking about figures that crossed the 500 million thresholds for active monthly users.

The company says it’s growing at a fast pace. Similarly, they made sure to not forget the chance to throw shade on Apple, sending a reminder to the leading operating systems to switch over to RCS soon.

Lastly, figures for Android tablets aren’t seeing any decline. In fact, they’re doing great for themselves with more than 270 million devices being sold. Yes, it’s not as much as Android’s smartphone sales but with more efforts from Google, it just might take off in the right direction.

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