Google Translate brings an option to save your past searches on all devices, granting you complete access everywhere

In 2020, Google announced that they'd roll out a search history save option in Google Translate app on Android, iOS and PC. Finally, Android Police reported that the Google team launched this feature in 2022. Now Google Translate allows you to save your previous translations and have access to them later.

Excitingly, the Google Translate app translates over more than 100 languages within a jiffy, providing you the free access to frequently solve plenty of phrases, sentences, and web pages. One can copy-paste text on the search box displayed on the homepage and search for the relevant translation in the desired language. The app also lets you upload a Word document, any PDF, or Excel sheet from the computer to the search menu despite being off-line. Smoothly running the app requires you to sign up for your Google account. But, with the current update, users can have access to this free service without logging in to their Google accounts. In addition to it, users can now save and backup their translation history to the cloud. They can manage their translation history by tapping on the deep Settings menu. This newly developed function also helps users use the app when they temporarily switch accounts. You can do this by tapping on the profile avatar located on the top right side of the app's interface.

Furthermore, Google Translate also syncs your previous searches from your mobile phone to the Cloud app. It would be best to turn on the Web and Activity control option on your Google account to get your History saved to the cloud. Your History will Sync on the cloud after regular intervals and remain updated. So, suppose you're signed in to your Mac, android, computer, or any other device. In that case, your translations are regularly stored in the cloud.

To conclude, to save your translations on your accounts, you need to tap on History, and there you will see all of your past searches in a sequence. You can also highlight any search by making it you're favorite. That particular search will be available on the quick access toolbar on the Google Translate app. So, if you want to backup your data on your account, all you need to do is sign in to your account, and you can view all of your previous translations on the current device. This is a great feature for new users and allows them to learn translations of their previous sentences or words easily without having to translate them again.

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