Google Keep May Be A Decade-Old But It’s Finally Getting Its Text Formatting

Google Keep was a popular note-taking app that we saw being launched 9 years back. And if you thought Google was about to discontinue it, well, we’ve got some news for you.

The tech giant says the time has come to add text formatting to the service for all iOS, Android, and web users. And by that, we mean saying hello to doing simple tasks like underlining, bold, and italicizing text along the way.

With the help of decompilation on Google Play, tech experts can witness a number of code lines that give rise to predictions about future updates and their functionalities. And while the use of this technology could or could not be true, we can only confirm when the actual date of launch is near. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying.

The last time we saw a feature being added to the device was related to illustrated backgrounds on Note. But in addition to that, the Android version received home screen widgets and other updates relating to Material You Redesign.

Today, the latest version of the app is related to making use of formatting like the usual or basic text ones that we witness each day. Thankfully, the icons being used for formatting are the same classic ones that we can relate to on places like Sheets, Docs, and even Slides.

H/T: 9to5G.

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