Apple CEO Gives Motivating Speech At Gallaudet University - An Institution Partnering With Apple To Provide The Deaf With Inclusive Products

Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently spotted at the Gallaudet University where he gave an uplifting speech to graduates in Washington DC.

For those who may not be aware, this educational institution has been designed keeping the deaf and disabled in mind who may find it difficult to learn elsewhere. And in case you happen to be wondering what role Apple has to play in the forum, well, it’s related to partnering up in an effort to provide inclusive products.

The news comes after the tech giant made it big at this year’s Oscar Awards for its movie titled CODA, which is the company’s venture. The film centers around a young child and his surrounding with deaf adults.

Cook spoke in detail about how committed Apple is to providing accessibility and that target resonated greatly throughout the speech.

Soon enough, the Apple CEO went about his speech, trying hard to engage with the graduates seated in the audience. He asked them about their opinions on what they understood regarding the term ‘a fulfilling life’ and how they planned on achieving that.

He also said that the only person who could answer that question was yourself and no matter how great modern technology and AI can become, nothing can make your life worth living other than you, your strength, and your determination.

Other key pointers from Cook’s address at the university were related to motivation about life in general and the professional world. This included the CEO highlighting the strong partnership that his company shared with their university, leading to an unlimited number of possibilities.

For instance, the two bodies have partnered up in a manner that helps others find corporations that are owned by the deaf through the Apple Map App. Other than that, the Apple CEO stressed the company’s goals of combating climate change while working on maintaining user privacy.

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