Enterprises ecosystem feels a bit more secure with the integration of new Google security framework

On Wednesday, an update from the Google cloud server enlightened the solution for enterprises. This latest update brings a new formative structure of security to the Google cloud framework.

A lot of business customers of Google products face the issues of cyberattacks, malware, and viruses in their data, especially when it comes to the access of Chromebook and associated devices. Now Google introduced the new integration for enterprise partners “Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework” to give them more advance controls.

This new integration is designed to help the IT departments to pave their existing security, authentication, and endpoint and management solutions through the Chrome browser and Chrome OS devices. It will help IT pros better manage troublesome Chrome OS upgrades, and it is now accessible through the Trusted Tester program. Google Chrome OS is a computer operating system developed by Google. According to John Solomon, the new tools offer a "plug and play" framework that helps other firms to handle Chrome OS tasks such as remote wiping a Chromebook with BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management or reporting malware downloads with Splunk.

Google is making a big horizon by creating new inventions and tools in Enterprise management. Enterprise partners of Google are now time savvy for their management tasks. In the new system of integration, Google features new tools in their Chrome OS Devices such as allowing permission for enterprises to place actions like screen capturing, printing, copy/paste, and other data loss situations.

There are some tools like managing and enrolling Chrome OS in enterprise management that still rely on Chrome Browser Cloud Management and Google Administration. If we compare the market, Chromebooks have huge educational market potential as compared to Windows PCs, iPods, and Macs. Chrome OS is a flexible system that runs on every PC hardware and even in Macs through Chrome OS flex. It can also run Android apps thoroughly alongside the OS and even runs Windows VMs. The Chrome OS is the absolute protective platform for enterprise users.

According to Google, this platform had never reported any successful harmful attack or any possible evidence of a virus attack. They plan to keep this platform on its pace and add more new partnerships.

If you’re looking for the best system to run Chrome OS on your machine then Intel vPro is best for you. Comes with Enterprise for chrome OS, supporting both disk and memory encryption. Google announces one event on June 8th in which they invite IT personnel to register for Enterprise Chrome Day.

If you're an IT professional then it will be great for you. Moreover, you can also get familiar with their trusted Tester Program or Chrome browser and Splunk OS integration.

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