Elon Musk and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come head to head on Twitter because of a poll

Online battles between influential figures are not something uncommon these days as they take place quite frequently between people of politics and/or business tycoons. Such a thing took place on Thursday between famous entrepreneur Elon Musk and politician-activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The skirmish was more of a challenge when Musk tweeted that the common man is generally more distrusting of politicians than business tycoons. In his tweet he asked his followers who they trust less and the given poll only had two options: either Politicians or Billionaires.

Musk then dared politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to do the same poll with her followers by directly tagging her in a tweet that said “I dare you”. The politician hasn’t responded yet but Musk’s post has already gotten more than 970,000 votes and billionaires are winning with fewer votes. But as a user pointed out that these tweets have an echo effect because Ocasio-Cortez’s followers will vote for her as they admire her more and Musk’s followers will vote for him. The user also said that the result of the politician’s post will be the opposite to the business tycoons as based on the mindsets of the former’s followers.

Both of them have recently clashed upon some of the aspects of the Democratic Party’s speech as the Democratic Party is the political party Ocasio-Cortez belongs to. They also had different opinions on the Unionization of companies and the union party in general. Musk recently was under a lot of criticism when he made proposals to loosen up Twitter’s content moderation policies once he seals his 44 million dollar deal to buy the whole of the company’s stocks and make it private. This made people worry that twitter might become a platform of hate speech and intolerance.

As for Ocasio-Cortez, she on Friday while talking with Bloomberg said that she would very much like to switch her Tesla for another electric car that is manufactured by unionized workers, a thing which Musk is very against and is also very vocal about.

Musk in the past weeks has said that in the past he would have voted for the democratic party but now he would much rather cast his vote in the favor of the Republican party as he disagrees with the democratic party’s views on free speech. He has not confirmed if he was talking about the midterms that will take place this year or the Presidential election that will take place two years later in 2024.

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