Bill Gates shows the way forward to eliminate current climate crisis and here is what we can do

Bill Gates posits that to counter the climate issues we, as a society, should start buying climate friendly products although they might be expensive than other products, but it would help save the climate. Moreover, as more of these less carbon emitting products are consumed this would in turn increase the manufacturing of such products thereby simultaneously reducing its cost.

The green or less carbon emitting products can be electric cars, heat pumps etc., although the price for such products is comparatively higher than other normal products, however, the green premium products would become affordable once their demand and supply increases.

Moreover, another way through which prices of such products can be decreased different kinds of policies by the state, these policies would make conventional products more pricey than green premium. Bill Gates has posited this idea of green premium several times.

However, the common can also play its part in making the environment climate friendly? How so? By buying products that do not impact the climate in a bad, although they maybe expensive but if everyone buys such products then the price would itself get reduced. -However, it is also evident that not everyone has the financial capacity to be able buy such expensive products. So how can such people make a positive impact towards climate change? For such people Bill gates said in his book called “How to avoid climate disaster” that they should opt for the process of voting, this process obviously does not involve the use of money.

Bill gates is putting forward the idea that people should engage themselves processes that are political in nature. Because we see our political leaders are concerned towards the issues of healthcare and financial stability however, people should raise their voices issues pertaining to climate so that the more emphasis is given to issues of climate by them.

He says one can use different ways to support the cause of better climate by raising voice through letters, being part of town hall meetings etc. This would in turn help your leader understand the complexity of the problem of climate change and they would then work on long term solutions. Gate also suggests that infrastructure and industrial development should be revamped in order to lessen the climate issues. Basic things which include electricity, cement etc., should be produced in such way that there are no such emissions that harms the climate, moreover, the price of such products should be minimal.

Although his views about nuclear energy to reduce climate problems are also biased. His biasness is because he is an investor in that area. He says his idea of nuclear energy would work as an antidote for all sorts of high emissions produced even by his privately owned jet.

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