Apple Removes iPod Lineup After 20 Years Of Service

After the breakthrough release of Apple’s iPod nearly two decades ago, the tech giant has finally decided to discontinue it. And it’s about time, considering the device certainly does not fit into today’s modern world.

Let’s face the reality- if you wish to stream music, you can simply resort to devices like the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Meanwhile, those on the search for gaming fun or watching content can simply resort to cheap and convenient means like the iPad. After all, the larger display size is ideal for these things.

Now, there is the official confirmation that the iPod has reached its end with the company declaring the 2019 model as the final one to be up for sale- the iPod Touch 7. But sales will only continue until the supplies last. Afterward, we won’t be seeing a restock of any new models as confirmed by the company’s VP for Global Marketing.

He revealed this through a public statement relating to how music is an integral part of Apple and the iPod managed to bring it forward to millions of global users in a manner that really took a toll on the music industry.

In the same way, the VP of Apple’s Global Marketing shed light on how the device redefined music as a whole. Be it the way it was discovered, heard, or shared in different parts of the world.

While iPod continues to live in the hearts of millions through spirit, the company’s other diverse range of products like the Apple Watch, iPad, or even the Apple TV will continue to serve as leading endeavors that enable users to enjoy the best music experience.

With so many revolutionary devices available in the market today, it makes absolute sense as to why the tech giant is bidding farewell to the low-end product.

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