Along with removing the numbers of dislikes YouTube tests hiding the like counter as well

The well-known video hosting platform, YouTube with over 2 billion active users allows its users to upload and access all kinds of content. YouTube also facilitated its users by letting them judge a video based on its likes and dislikes that were shown below every video. However, in November 2021, YouTube removed the dislike counter feature which made it unable for users to see the number of dislikes on the video and they were unable to judge beforehand whether the video was useful and entertaining or not, or it is just going to waste the users’ time.

Recently it seems like the platform is experimenting same with the like option on videos. Some YouTubers used Reddit and Twitter platforms to complain about the problems with the like button, as its position has been displaced and it has now moved to the description box below the video. Various other cases on Twitter also reported the same that the like counter suddenly disappeared within a day. Users shared screenshots of their videos with no number of likes visible. Other users in the comments also mentioned that they are also facing the same issue.

The like counter feature is still available to many YouTube users, which means that YouTube might be currently testing the feature on limited accounts. However, nothing is yet officially confirmed by the company regarding the testing of the new feature. In our observation we noted that the feature is still available on our devices as we can see the number of likes on YouTube videos.
@Thabet_Yusuf, a YouTube user confirmed on Twitter that by clicking on the description box below the video, users can see the number of likes on the video. This shows that YouTube doesn’t plan on hiding the number of likes completely as it did with the dislike counter. But as previously it was easier to see the likes counter just below the video, now YouTube wants its users to touch harder to see the likes counter.

All the reports confirming that the likes counter has disappeared are from the users accessing YouTube through their mobile phones, however, for the desktops and devices like consoles and Smart TVs, no such reports are found. What are your thoughts on the disappearance of the like counter? Let us know in the comments.

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