US Department Of Homeland Security Investigates TikTok For Promoting Underage Abusive Content

TikTok is being closely monitored by the US Department of Homeland Security after explicit content was discovered on the social network.

Reports confirmed how the abusive content was related to underage vulnerable victims where material could be found uploaded on both public and private settings.

In addition to that, alarming reports highlighted how so many suspects were guilty of trying to befriend children with malicious intentions.

Meanwhile, another shocking report by the FT recently delineated the lack of check and balance by the platform’s moderators who could be having trouble due to the large influx of content posted.

The fact that there is so much abusive content being put up publicly on newsfeeds is definitely an alarming finding, with more evidence suggesting how predators exploit the privacy features of the app for their gains.

For this reason, the Justice Department is closely working with higher officials to curb the spread being put forward by private users. It was also interesting to see how people were using keywords for this activity while posting the content.

Authorities also found how material gets uploaded via the app’s ‘Only Me’ option so that means those that directly log in through the profile can see it.

But the misery for TikTok does not end there. The platform is getting blasted for its incompetency in identifying those most at risk and also finding a solution to the issue. When compared to other competitive apps, it definitely falls short in these areas.

The unit chief heading the investigation in the Justice Department said TikTok is an ideal platform to carry out such processes and something needs to be done before it’s too late.

Surprisingly, TikTok is being called out for its lack of dedication to finding solutions and tackling the child exploitation matter. This includes hesitance when working alongside law enforcement agencies too.

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