Twitter Issues New Ban On Ads That Misinterpret Matters Relating To Climate Change

Aligning with its goals to help better the environment on Earth Day, Twitter has recently levied a ban on misleading ads for climate change.

The company recently announced how the move was being done to crack down on those advertisements that contradicted scientific reasoning on matters associated with the ongoing climate crisis.

They also announced publicly today through a blog post how Twitter had no interest in monetizing climate denialism. Therefore, ads that portray just that would be eliminated as they give rise to misunderstanding and further worsen the situation.

The platform hopes to confirm legit information through a number of valuable and authentic sources so its users can get the most benefit and be guided correctly. One particular reference was made to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

This legalized body has done a great job in the past at issuing historic reports regarding the crisis that took place in the recent past. Similarly, it does justice to highlighting the tasks that need to be accomplished to better tackle the situation and how disasters could be averted.

One particular recommendation by the IPCC on this topic was to shed light on the great consequences of harsh weather disasters, including the most devastating wildfire seasons.

Twitter has further mentioned how it plans on going public with its details surrounding the reliable context linked to climate change through its platform.

It’s quite evident that these types of conversations have not only grown but also become louder on the platform as more and more people become aware of the growing crisis.

Twitter has, for example, conversations relating to sustainability have managed to grow by more than 150% when compared to statistics from last year.

It also shared how there was so much more talk about decarbonization, which is the term reserved for eliminating greenhouse gas from the environment, which stems from fossil fuels. Chats on this alarming matter also rose by nearly 50%.

But that’s not all as there is a growing number of discussions about eliminating waste from the environment and these types of conversations also increased by nearly 100% in the same period.

The move by the company seems to be an integral part of its broader initiative on social media where it hopes to rid lies about the crisis. But Twitter isn’t the only one as a number of other firms are following in its footsteps as well.

For example, we saw Google do something similar last year in October where ads that denied climate change were stripped from the platform. It also vowed to take appropriate action against the ordeal.

We also saw Facebook facing backlash for failing to target climate change misinformation, although its policies condemned such misleading behavior.

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